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Anonymous SAID:
do you think panic will do another album/tour? they haven't talked about it at all. the end of all things being on the album freaks me out. because brendon's probably going to settle down soon and i want to see them one more time. do you think they'll do another tour/album?

Don’t worry lol. Brendon’s mentioned before in interviews that he was writing on tour so new music will happen. The question is if he will put panic on hold and release a solo album which he said he was unsure of in an interview (x). I think there will be another panic tour/album, maybe not anytime soon… We’ll have to wait and see what happens but I’ll support Brendon with whatever decision he makes.

Live at the Aguilar Artist Loft

Taking all the hits as they come is daunting, especially when they’re as big as they’ve been. But for me, I’ve always believed in this band. I’ve always kept going. When Ryan and Jon left, I said ‘Fuck that; I never want to leave this band.’ I love this band. I loved it from the very moment I joined this thing.

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